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The Spanish Schools in Peru

The schools

We work with different schools in three different locations in Peru; a large school in the centre of Cusco and a smaller school a bit outside of the centre. Both have their own character and benefits. If you want to meet lots of other (young) travellers and students, school 2 would be more suitable. They organise a lot of extra curricular activities and they can help you find the perfect Voluntary Work Project. If you prefer private lessons and a more personal approach in a small school with just a few teachers then school 1 is the one for you. School two in Cusco also offers group lessons in the much smaller town of Urubamba.

Cusco & Urubamba

Cusco School 1 for private lessons

A small and cosy Peruvian run school with a maximum of 15 students. This school is located in a Colonial building near the University of Cusco on Avenida La Cultura. There are lots of little coffee shops and (internet) cafes in the area. Here you get private lessons with 50 minutes of lessons per hour and a ten minute break. The owners are former teachers, from the larger school, who have started their own school to give the students a more individual education. The teachers work with an excellent text book; in short a very well run school and a nice atmosphere!

Afternoon activities

The school offers a city tour where you buy your own 1 day travel pass at a tourist office for $10. This pass is valid for 14 different points of interest in and around Cusco. In the weekend there are Salsa dancing lessons given at school.

Included in the prices for private classes:

1 hour of salsa class
2 weeks: one school book
3 weeks: one massage for 1/2 hour
4 weeks: one Cooking class

The host family

You will stay at a local host family where you will have your private bedroom and receive three meals a day, seven days per week. These hospitable families don't live in the centre of Cusco where the houses are qute crowded but they mainly live in the greener, more spacious areas of town. Sometimes they are located near the school and you can walk and sometimes you will take a short bus trip to get to school. When you go out at night you can return home by public bus or taxi. Bus rides cost a few dollar cents and a taxi ride won't put you back more than a few dollars.

Cusco School 2 for group lessons

This large, well organized Dutch owned school is very suitable for group lessons. On the first day of lessons, always a Monday, you will take a test to assert your level in Spanish. On average, there are eight groups of different levels, so you will always get the lessons at the level you need. One hour of lessons here is 50 minutes. There are different specialized programs: 55+, medical Spanish, children’s classes, Spanish and adventure (paragliding, rock climbing and white water rafting), Spanish and excursions or Spanish in the rainforest of Manú. If you're interested in one of these programs just ask us and we will send you more details.

Afternoon activities

One hour of extra cultural activities is included in the package, such as: lectures, cooking classes, salsa lessons, movies etc. Every week a city tour is given for the new students. There are also regular workshops on Peruvian culture, folklorist dancing or traditional medicine. You can choose on the spot what extra classes you would like to folow and pay directly at the school. Prices vary per classes but are very reasonable.

Every Tuesday there is extended information given on Taray where you can have Spanish classes too. You can exchange one week of classes in Cusco for a week in Taray and make that decision on the spot.  Minimal participation for classes in Taray is 6 people.

The accommodation possibilities

Guest family

You can choose to stay at a guest family where you will have your private bedroom and receive three meals a day. These guest families live outside of the centre of Cusco so you will need a short bus trip to get to school.

Student Residence

It is possible to stay in the student apartments either in or nearby the language school; there are single and double rooms, a kitchen and bathroom you can use and a terrace with a beautiful view over Cusco. These are located on just one block from the main Plaza de Armas. Bring your own towels if you would like to stay in one of these international student residence. Breakfast and a three course lunch are included. The extra price for this option is $ 76 per person per week.

Student Flats

If you stay a minimum of 10 weeks there are also cheaper student flats available, often in combination with Voluntary Work. Let us know your plans and we will request a price for you.

The trip

There are no direct flights to Cusco. You will need to book a flight to Lima and a flight from Lima to Cusco (only in the morning). Depending on the time of arrival, you might have to stay overnight in Lima because flights to Cusco only leave early morning. We offer a Lima package which includes a night in a nice and quiet hostel in Lima and two transfers: from the International airport to the hostel and the next morning a transfer from the hostel to the national airport. The price of this Lima package is $ 75.

Included in he standard package in Cusco

  • Private lessons at school 1 or group lessons at school 2, of 4 hours per day, five days a week.
  • Study material. (school 2 included from 2 weeks on)
  • Registration fee.
  • Accommodation with a local host family and meals during the study period from Saturday to Saturday (school 1) and Sunday to Saturday (school 2).
  • Optional: one night at a hotel in Lima, with transfer to and from this hotel for $ 75.
  • Transfer from the airport in Cusco to your guest family.
All prices are in $ US Dollars. hpd = hours per day
Peru Classes hpd 1 wk 2 wks 3 wks 4 wks extra week extra night transfer
Cusco II group 4 $ 290 $ 512 $ 734 $ 956 $ 257 $ 19 $ 75
Cusco private 4 $ 315 $ 565 $ 795 $ 1005 $ 295 $ 17 $ 75
Peru Classes hpd 1 wk 2 wks 3 wks 4 wks extra week extra night transfer
Cusco II group 4 $ 308 $ 543 $ 778 $ 1013 $ 265 $ 19 $ 75
Cusco private 4 $ 335 $ 585 $ 845 $ 1105 $ 295 $ 17 $ 75

Spanish in Urubamba

If you want peace and quiet, and to get away from the touristy city, we also offer a special place to study for a week or more. Urubamba is located at the heart of the Sacred Valley and surrounded by beautiful country side, mountains and tiny villages.

Only possible as an addition to Spanish classes at School 1 in Cusco and only if there are at least 2 other students studying in Urubamba at the same time.

The school and the accommodation

At only two blocks from the school you will find the Plaza the Armas and a traditional market.

You will get private lessons of 18 hours per week and accommodation and full board for 5 nights. You will leave from Cusco on a Sunday together with the other students and teachers to Urubamba. This should take about an hour and a half. Costs: $ 345 per week; you'll have private tuition here and class materials, transportation and at least one excursion is included. Presently one day hike to Salineras and Moray.

The guesthouse has a lovely garden where you can take classes, study or chat with your new friends enjoying the warmth of the campfire at night. You will share a bedroom (males and females separated) and there is communal cooking (if you cannot cook don't worry you can do the dishes).


In Peru we chose Cusco, the former Peruvian capital of the powerful Inca Empire. This charming town is the proud heart of the Peruvian Andes culture. Cusco has an altitude of 3.326 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the huge, snow capped mountain peaks of the Andes. It's well deserved that Cusco is one of South America's biggest tourist attractions to study Spanish and to enjoy the magic of the Andes.

Peru is a huge country, over twice the size of France, of which 60 percent is covered by deep jungle. Southern Peru has a lot to offer, one can, for instance, take the train from Cusco to Puno. Puno lies on the shores of the Lago Titicaca. Here one can take one of the typical boats of this lake to visit the floating islands of Uros or the less frequented Taquile. On Taquile you can stay with a guest family. From Puno you can travel on to Copacabana, also on Lake Titicaca, then by bus onwards to La Paz in Bolivia or to Arequipa, a stately colonial city in the southwest of Peru with its lovely Santa Catalina monastery.
If you travel northeast from Arequipa towards Lima, you will pass the famous Nazca Lines. The Nazca Lines are gigantic figures, mostly of animals, that were cut into the stony desert. There is one carving of a bird that is over 100 meters wide. There are many theories about who made them and why, but it still remains a mystery. If you have interest in the Nazca-lines click for more info. Near Nazca is a cemetery in the desert where the deceased have been well preserved by the extreme dryness of the area. Clothing, hair and sometimes complete bodies can be seen here. The whole thing is quite macabre, but unforgettable!
Peru and Bolivia can be easily combined in one trip. Ask us about it!

Activities Peru

  • Mountain biking.
  • Horseback riding.
  • River rafting.
  • See the Holy Valley from a hot air balloon.
  • Climb a volcano such as the El Misti (5822 m.).
  • Organized hikes of one to eight days.
  • Bungee jumping or Parapente.
  • Salsa dance lessons.
  • Go from Lima to Pisco for a tour to the Ballestas Islands on the way to the Nazca lines.
  • Visit the jungle from Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado or Manú.
  • Visit the highlights of Peru: Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lago Titicaca with its floating villages, the Nasca lines, Arequipa, the Colca Canyon with its huge condors and the jungle.
  • Visit archaeological digs of the (pre) Inca period.
  • Do a hike from Huarez or climb the Huascarán (6768 m), the highest mountain in Peru.
  • Voluntary work, there are numerous possibilities in Peru!
  • Learn Quechua, the Indian language that is most often spoken here in Peru.
  • Transport: public bus (chicken bus) or minibus for tourists to all the highlights. Domestic flights are cheap, especially considering the distance.


The colonial town of Cusco has 300.000 inhabitants. It is high up in the Andes and usually has the clearest blue sky possible. The city and its immediate surroundings are special because of the wealth of old Inca ruins, with Machu Picchu as the absolute highlight. You can reach Machu Picchu by daily train or you can walk on the old Inca trail, 'El Camino Inca'. This will take four days and passes through many small villages and reaches an altitude of 4000 meters.
In the city of Cusco itself there still remain many remnants of the Inca civilization, which together with the many Spanish colonial buildings makes for a unique city. Next to Machu Picchu, there are four other Inca ruins in the vicinity of Cusco; Tambo Machay, Puca Pucara, Qenko and Sacsayhuaman. The old Inca names are very hard to pronounce for us westerners, let alone remember. There is an easy way to remember the last though; Sexy Woman is phonetically (almost) the correct way to say it. The nightlife is well known throughout South America, there are a great many restaurants, bars and dance clubs for the large number of foreigners that come together here. Because of the height you'll have to walk slowly the first days and rest often to avoid altitude sickness. Just walk like the locals, drink a lot of fluids, preferably no alcohol. Coca-leaf tea is a good remedy.

Activities Cusco

  • Mountain biking
  • Horseback riding
  • River rafting
  • Salsa dance lessons
  • Visit the Cathedral at the main square, the Plaza de Armas and other colonial churches from the 16th, 17th and 18th century.
  • Visit the monastery Santa Catalina with its colonial and religious museum.
  • Visit the Inca ruins of Coricancha where the walls were once adorned with 700 wall plates, each made from solid gold and weighing 2 kilos.
  • Visit the colourful local market of the Machu Picchu railway station.
  • Visit Machu Picchu or better walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. During high season you need to book long in advance!
  • Visit just outside of Cusco the Inca ruins of Sacsayhuman, Qenko, Puca Pucara, Tambo Machay.
  • Weekend trip: go the Holy Valley and visit the market of Pisac on a Sundays, and the salt fields between Ollantaytambo and Urubamba and both cities themselves.
  • Visit the Jungle of Manú or Puerto Maldonado.
  • Lots of voluntary work!
  • Learn Quechua, the most widely spoken Indian language.


The rain season in Cusco lasts from December to April. The rest of the year is mostly dry. Although there usually is a clear blue sky during the day, it can still get quite chilly at night. During the coldest months, June and July, it can even get below zero. Luckily thick sweaters are really cheap in Cusco! Check the present weather and forecasts for Cusco, Peru.

National and school holidays (there will be no lessons on these days)

January 01  Año Nuevo
March 21 Viernes Santo
May 01 Día del Trabajo
June 24 Inti Raymi
July 28 Fiestas Patrias
November 01 Todos los Santos
December 25 Navidad
December 31 Afternoon closed

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