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Booking a Spanish language holiday with Adiós Travel.

We have the experience and expertise when it comes to travelling and learning Spanish in Latin America. You can take advantage of all our knowledge and let us help you pick the right place for you to learn Spanish quickly and have a great time. After school you can work at a Voluntary Project or go on excursions or keep on travelling.

We keep cost down by working exclusively via Internet and e-mail. With us you get a lot of extra travel information and useful tips for free. We don’t charge any extra reservation- or registration fees.

A big advantage for you is that when you book with us we book your Spanish lessons weeks or months in advance, and thus get you the best teachers and the best host families available. The schools try their utmost to keep our students happy and we will only be happy when you get the best teacher and the nicest host family. When you arrange everything yourself via the Internet or once you get there you will get a teacher who is not already booked, and he or she will never be the best! The same applies to the host families; the best host families are the first to get new students. In some host families the meals are very nice and the family members make an extra effort to communicate with you also if your Spanish level is very low in the beginning. There are, for instance, host families that take students to weddings or parties. We, as agents, only want you to get the best school, learn lots of Spanish and come back with an experience that goes beyond your imagination! We help you get the best teacher and host family available!

At all our schools, the teachers have many years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. The quality of the lessons is very high and all our schools offer lots of extracurricular activities. Most schools have a Voluntary Work coordinator who will help you find the right Voluntary Work project for you, if you decide to do voluntary work.



The pricelist is based on the standard packages which are described per school. In general you will get 3 or 4 hours of either private or group lessons per day. You will stay at a host family or in an apartment. Which meals are included differs per location. Study materials and registration/administration fees are included in the standard package. On request we can reserve more or less hours per day and, when available, a different type of accommodation.

We will help you through e-mails, providing you with a lot of useful information and many handy tips, to make the best possible choice.
Reserve your Spanish lessons in Latin America through us and you will get the best teacher and host family available!



After looking at our site you might have some questions for us that will help you make the right decision. You can click here for an information or price request of our Spanish language holiday package consisting of Spanish lessons, accommodation and  possible airport transfer. You can also just mail us to ask questions.

If you have decided on where to go and would like to book your holiday, please fill out our booking form.

Within two working days you will get a price quotation e-mailed by us. You can then return this price quotation to us by e-mail stating: "I accept this reservation".
We will then reserve the Spanish lessons, accommodation and often also the airport transfer and confirm this back to you by e-mail.
After we have received your payment we will send you the receipt that you have paid (voucher), the Internet address of the school and extensive and very useful travel information by e-mail.
If you book through us longer than 8 weeks in advance we require the payment to be made 6 weeks before your departure date.


You are personally responsible for making your own travel arrangements and to make sure you have the correct travel documents.        `

Book your Spanish lessons in Latin America with Adiós Travel and you will have an unforgettable learning holiday in Latin America!

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