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Voluntary Work in Córdoba


An Orphanage 40 kilometres outside of Córdoba. There are two houses, a girls and a boys home with children in the age of 0 tot 18 years.
Some children are placed by the court others because their parents aren’t able to take care of their children. There are a total of 200 kids and the homes are well organized.

  • Type of work; The youngest children, the babies need a lot of attention and therefore there is always a lot of work with them: changing diapers, going out for a walk and playing. You also can play with the older children or do sport with them. You’ll have to be independent and invent things yourself to improve their lives.
  • Minimum duration is 1 month; you can have classes in the morning at school and go three times a week in the afternoon to the orphanage to help out.
  • Required Spanish Level is intermediate.

Children's hospital

A hospital where the volunteer work is well organised. Playing with the sick children, if possible walking, playing or read to them etc.

  • Minimum duration is 3 months, 2 times a week for four hours.
  • Required Spanish Level is intermediate


Luciernaga is a shelter for street youngsters. The foundation has the goal to provide work for these young adults so they don’t need to beg. They sell magazines on the streets and get together in a youth centre in Córdoba where they receive a meal and share experiences.

  • Type of work: Help serving meals and talk to them. This is ‘harder’ work than the two projects above because these youngsters are very under privileged.
  • Minimum duration is 1 month
  • Required Spanish Level is Advanced, you should be able to have a meaningful conversation.


There are two libraries where you can work in Córdoba.

  • Here you can work with children, teach English, start workshops about Europe or whatever interesting subject. Play an instrument? Take it with you and show or teach the children.
  • Minimum duration is flexible also the amount of hours per day.
  • Required Spanish Level is intermediate

Do you have special whishes concerning voluntary work, just ask us! The school is very helpful and still looking for more projects!

Voluntary Work Buenos Aires

Special is in Buenos Aires that a few projects give you the opportunity to work a few hours a day. So you can have in the morning classes and work in the afternoon in an orphanage, a homeless shelter, help training dogs for handicapped children or work in eateries for the poor. Of course starters who don’t speak any Spanish need classes in advance to be able to talk with the people. If you have an intermediate level, so you can have a simple conversation, there are opportunities to start working immediately. During the Spanish classes the school will test your level and interview you to find out which project will suit you best. Starters can count on 4 weeks of classes, if you speak already a little bit you can count on 2 or 3 weeks of classes.

Hogar Adand Orphanage

  • Type of work: Attending the children, playing with them, teaching them or give workshops. Distance is within one hour from the school.
  • Work hours: fulltime possible with flexible hours (closed in January).

Primera Iglesia Metodista

  • Type of work:Shelter-project for homeless adults from 40 years and older. The work is not related to religion. Registering the names at the reception, organising and attending different workshops.
  • Work hours: Twice a week from 2 pm till 5 pm.
  • Minimum duration is 1 month
  • Required Spanish Level: intermediate

Comedor Madre Camila

  • Eatery for homeless adults.
  • Type of work: Help out with cooking, serving and cleaning.
  • Minimum duration is 1 month.
  • Distance is 20 minutes from school.
  • Work hours: Twice a week Monday through Saturday from 10.30am till 1 pm (closed January and February).

Comedor SOS Niño Jesus

  • Eatery for mothers and children.
  • Serving meals, give classes and workshops fabricating clothes.
  • Minimum duration is 1 month
  • Distance is 20 minutes from school
  • Work hours: Twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm till 7.30 pm (closed Januari and Februari).

Comedor Paso

  • Eatery for homeless adults.
  • Serving of meals.
  • Distance is within one hour from the school.
  • Minimum duration is1 month
  • Work hours: Once or twice a week, 2 to 3 hours between 11am and 2pm (closed Januaryi and Februaryi).

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