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Voluntary Work in Costa Rica

At the time of this writing there are four Volunteer work opportunities in Turrialba and two "Expedition type volunteer work" opportunities outside of Turrialba that we recommend.


1. Primary School - tutoring
There are a few public primary schools in Turrialba that the Costarrican Government wants to close as part of the policy of creating larger schools. The people in the "barrios" want the traditional (small) schools to stay open so that their children don't have to travel large distances to the school and can be in a school with a more individual approach. These schools don't receive much governmental help and therefore welcome our students to help children that need some extra attention or assistance with homework.

After your Spanish lessons in the morning, you will go to the school that you can easily find in Turrialba. After being presented to the children, you will sit in a class until you will be asked by the teacher to help one or two children separately when they have problems understanding the lesson or need help with a certain assignment. Beginner Spanish student will basically help with English classes. Intermediate and Advanced Spanish students can help with any class. Your day finishes at 16:30 p.m.

The whole year except: July 1 - July 15 / December 15 - February 15 when the school closes for holidays.


2. Adult education: English classes
Adults that are eager to learn English take evening classes one time a week in the center of Turrialba. The teacher is Costa Rican and welcomes our students to help practice pronunciation. The Costa Rican students also like to learn about other cultures while practicing English by asking you all kind of questions about your land and people.

Tuesday night at 18:00 p.m. you will go to the classroom where English will be taught till about 21:00 p.m. First you will be introduced and listen to the lesson the teacher has prepared until you are asked to participate.

The whole year except: July 1 - July 15 / December 15 - February 15 when the school closes for holidays.

No previous experience is required. Your English has to be either your first language or you need to speak it at least properly.


 3. Old people's home
This home exists of governmental aid, fundraising and donations. Staff is limited and therefore students are very welcome to help out while practicing Spanish.

This home is at walking distance from the school. Each afternoon you are welcome to talk to the people that live here. You can also play cards; walk with people that need to sit in a wheelchair or just chat. At four o'clock in the afternoon, dinner is served and your can help the to serve dinner while communicating with personal.



4. CATIE - Tropical Agriculture
C.A.T.I.E. stands for "Center for Tropical Agronomy Research and Education". It is a private institution that doesn't depend on aid but for students it is very interesting to learn about what this Center does as well as it is a perfect place to practice Spanish with people that don't speak much English.

After your Spanish lessons in the morning, you can walk from Turrialba to this institution and work the whole afternoon. You will help in the greenhouses, plant seed bank or in the small-scale milk factory. You can do various tasks like watering plants, counting seeds, weighing calves or simple administration tasks.



5 & 6. MINAE - Archeological Site & Volcano.
We call a volunteer project "Expedition type volunteer work" when it implies traveling to a place outside of Turrialba town and staying a certain amount of days at the site. M.I.N.A.E. stands for Ministry of the Environment and Energy. The two expeditions are:
1. Monumento Nacional Parque Guayabo (Archeological site).
2. Parque Nacional Volcan Turrialba (Volcano).

Work to be done at:
1. Archeological site: maintenance of trails and other parts of the park, attention to visitors, guarding.
2. Volcano: maintenance of trails and signs, attention to visitors and guarding.

Always, with a minimum commitment of
1. Archeological site: 2 days
2. Volcano: 1 week

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