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Voluntary Work in Ecuador


Voluntary Work in Quito

Cenit Ecuador

CENIT, El Centro de la Niña Trabajadora, or the Center for the Working Girl as it is known in English, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization devoted to helping working children (especially working girls) and their families overcome grinding poverty and improve their quality of lives through education and job training, nutrition programs, health and social services, psychological help and recreation.

CENIT is located in a marginalized urban area of Quito, Ecuador. Now in its 14th year, CENIT provides a variety of support services to working girls and their families to help them rise out of grinding poverty. CENIT works to improve the quality of life of whole communities.

Voluntary Work in Quito, Ecuador

Cost per month: ± US $70


Fundación Niñez y Vida

Street children project in Quito

This foundation has been working in Ecuador for the past 20 years. The work concentrates on developing marginal urban areas in Quito .

They work with children aged 2 to 17, providing various programs which specifically address their needs.
The voluntary work is mainly doing all kinds of activities with the children. Volunteers older than 17 can only work with the younger children, volunteers older than 20 can work with all the kids. They especially need people that have learned a skilled trade, like carpenter, electrician, painter etc. to help teach the children these skills. At the beginning you will get an interview where you will tell them your wishes and skills and then it is decided what you will do. After three weeks there is an evaluation. There can be five volunteers at the same time.

Duration; Minimum required period here is 2 months. Working hours are from 09.00 to 17.00. Lunch is eaten together with the children and the teachers.

Cost per month: ± US $100

Red Cross

The Ecuadorian Red Cross runs the only free public ambulance service in Quito. I highly recommend this volunteer opportunity for anyone who speaks semi-fluent Spanish and has some experience in emergency medicine. The chance to affect the lives of people from all walks of life is incredible. The times when those cultural boundaries were crossed and I was able to aid someone who was hurt, clean up after them, clean a newborn baby, made this a life changing experience."

Requirement; Experience in emergency medicine.

Minimum duration is 1 month.

Required Spanish Level is intermediate/advanced.


Voluntary Work in Pedro Moncayo

There is a choice of three volunteer programs and for all programs applies: On Saturdays you'll work a few hours more and Sundays your free to relax, make trips to nearby Indian villages or visit Otavalo.
Organic Agriculture program: daily activities will include working with the animals (cows, pigs, guinea pigs and even llamas), organic farming in the 13 cultivated hectares, and some tree nursery work which forms part of the organizational reforestation activities of the community.

Teaching program: There are various schools and local organizations providing the challenge of improving the level of education of both children and teenagers. You will work as a teacher or assistant, helping in numerous subjects, from mathematics, through to English. This program has a minimum of one month, and you will live in the community where you work.

Cultural exchange program: for those with more time, a month or more. The first week is passed at the hacienda as detailed in the “organic agriculture program”, followed by three weeks (or more) living and working alongside your host family in a rural community. In this way you will learn about the culture, the customs and the daily life of farming communities; the challenges, the difficulties and the achievements.

Voluntary Work in the jungle


Centro de Rescate Merazonia is an NGO located in one of the most beautiful areas in Ecuador where the Andes meet the Amazon. Located in 250 acres of rainforest they are in the process of building a rescue centre for trafficked animals.

If you are looking to get off the beaten track and volunteer in the Ecuadorian jungle then please help them. They live in the laid back environment of Mera and presently have a rustic house with views of mountains, jungle and rivers all around them.

Voluntary Work in Jungle of Ecuador

Cost: ± US $200 per month

“At present we do not have many animals. Until we do, a normal days work involves clearing paths and land, building trails, building bridges, exploring the land, building cabins and animal enclosures and making sure that we laugh along the way. We normally leave for work at around 7:45am and get back at around 3pm
We will provide you with a house to live in and drinking water, but food costs are covered by the volunteer.

Directions: Catch any bus heading to Puyo from either Quito (5-hour trip) or Banos (1-hour trip) and ask to get off in Mera. You know when you get close to Mera because there is a police checkpoint to pass. Once you have passed the checkpoint carry on for 500 meters and we live down the first road on the left. See update page for picture. If you get lost, ask for "La Casa de Los Gringos"
Please bring old clothes and waterproofs to work in."


This organization stimulates the local population and business' to protect and maintain the surroundings.

Volunteers can work in four different projects in Ecuador and do academic research, help in the education or administration or take part in construction work.

“The Golondrinas Foundation is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, conservation of cloud forest, recuperation of eroded soils, and environmental education in the lower Rio Mira valley between the provinces of Imbabura and Carchi

The Golondrinas Foundation welcomes anyone who wishes to participate in our volunteer program, whether you have experience or not! We only suggest that you have the motivation to work, the adaptability to a rural environment and the willingness to make the best of your time with Golondrinas and to learn a little about village life in the Ecuadorian Andes.”

Voluntary Work in Ecuador

Cost: ± US $300 per month


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